Dôme Art Advisory represents the following artists

Jay Carrier

Carrier’s work emphatically reflects the hybrid nature of his identity and worldview. Born Native (Onondaga/Tuscarora) yet raised off the reservation, Carrier’s palette often demonstrates Native motifs and colors, though just as frequently utilize modernist motifs, fields of abstraction, text, or pop culture references. His works wander between worlds—sometimes sociopolitical, sometimes philosophical, sometimes more akin to a dream state in which all worlds collide. If anything is dominant throughout Carrier’s paintings, it is the natural world—its colors, textures, and often the explicit material substance of the natural world mixed with painting media.

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Marie Yoho Dorsey

As far back as Dorsey can remember, stories, hidden histories, superstitions and the creation of myth fascinated her. The fascination remains and has expanded into a practice that centers around and allows for entry, a gateway into imaginary environments.  The environments appear as frameworks referencing possibly a secret language or mapping of either a place or of consciousness itself.  The frameworks are established utilizing the expectation of narrative, one that remains to the viewer ever elusive.  Its a storytelling device that presents as photography, printmaking or out-reach installations

Ani Hoover

Ani Hoover’s work spans multiple genres including fibers, painting, sculpture, and installation. Despite moving through a variety of material processes there are a few recognizable characteristics that define Hoover’s signature style. Her works are often vibrant and bright with touches of whimsy. The work’s technical and compositional sophistication comes not through high tech processes, but her fondness for using inexpensive, recycled and commonly recognized materials, along with hands on craft techniques.

Patti Thomas

Patti Thomas, also known under the pseudonym The Ghost, creates works that are playful and fantastical.  Her style combines cartoon-like imaginings, expressive patterning and a pop art sensibility,  creating a unique visual language reminiscent of artists working in the 1980’s New York City graffiti street art scene.  Yet for all of their whimsy, there is a certain edge to Thomas’s work, brought about by an underlying complexity that explores psychological tension, societal constructs and various notions of identity.  Thomas, even as an emerging contemporary artist has gained recognition both regionally and nationally for her innovative and thought provoking imagery.